Yiannis Melanitis-Pepi Kelaidi/Animal Accessories

" Animal Accessories" * performance concerns 2 artists. Pepi Kelaidi sews with a surgical suture Yiannis Melanitis' cheek, extending the thread through the back of a little bird
which has been attached on a plexiglass mask. The procedure occurs through a video-image transmission of the surgical space to the visual field of Pepi.
(inside the Glasstron glasses).
Concept-realization: Melanitis Yiannis, Kelaidi Pepi.

Thanks to: Kelaidi Katerina, Gaitanou Maria, Mirka Ioanna and Maria Elena, Palaska Aliki, Krithara Rika, Dimitra Vantzou.

Duration: about 20 min.
Technical Requirements:
The space required:about 4x4 m2.
1. operating table, bird, operator instruments.
2. camcorder.
3. video-player connected to data-projector or tv set.

Legal procedures and precautions for the use of dead animals were ensured

*1. an optional part that may be fitted to something to perform an additional function or enhance performance.
2. an item of clothing that is worn or used for a fashionable effect with an outfit
3. somebody who aids somebody else to commit a crime or avoid arrest but who does not participate in the crime itself .

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