A modus operanti of the artist

What kind of an artist? The one who fabricates the future, through the construction of a transgressive anatomy.

1. The artist.

Statement: I, the artist.

2. The strategies
The strategies of the artist in the age of bio-technico-power : Adaptive strategies, the artwork.

a. Adaptive strategies: The artist as a bird. (Blue jay), (latin: Cyanocitta cristata).

The monarch butterfly "Danaus" is mimed by the viceroy "Umentis archippus".While the monarch butterfly is disasteful to birds, the viceroy is edible."Predators that eat the butterflies usually vomit .Once having eaten a monarch, however, the jays avoid both monarchs and viceroys."



Blue jay eating a toxic monarch butterfly and then vomiting. (Photograph: Lincoln Brower) David McFarland, Animal Behaviour, Third Edition, Longman editions.1985, page 91

The strategies of the artist resemble to the upper paradigm of animal adaptiveness. Often, imitation models are used in the place of the original model.Once a model is used by the artist, its imitating models are avoided in the future.

However, what kind of models are we reffering to? Models of the ideal that are perpetually subverted by other models before they are assimilated. In each transference, the residues are brought out. The models imitate other models as they simulate reality, competent enough to emulate the initial sensation.

b. The artwork.

She said she could reach the moon, the outer space, through a branch she held with her teeth.

This text was presented in a video form during the exhibition "Images Beyond the Naked Eye" of DESTE Foundation, October 01.
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