___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ p r e d i c t a b l e L a b

" Predictable Lab " has been developed as a response to the work "The Solution Between Two Possibilities - Predictor " by Sophia Kosmaoglou. The "Predictable Lab" performance refers to the anulment of indeterminism. It addresses the possibility of the outcomes on an operating table, where, instead of natural possibilities in physical space we have artificial possibilities in digital space. What appears to occur, and what actually occurs are not identical. Are we able to realise the body beyond its relationship with machines, or is the "human with machine" synthesis unavoidable? If we assume that by transferring horror to machines, we disclaim it, the objective of this performance was to fabricate a 'reality' rather than an inquiry.

On the operating table two mice are being sewn together by the performer. This operation is conducted through videoglasses which are connected to a camera focused on the mice. The audience can simultaneously watch the operation as well as the video image of it through an LCD screen. Behind the operator there is a projected large-scale 3D computer image of her hands sewing in digital space.


performance stills

DISCLAIMER : Legal procedures and precautions for the use of dead animals were ensured.